Flow in use

Redefining traditonal account opening flow

the Challenge

Hunting alternatives for conventional banking practices

Banking systems still follow the traditional practices that add complexity to their usage. Right from getting an account opened to query resolving, a customer must diligently follow to get a result. Given the fast-paced world of today, this often becomes a tiring process for the customer. It leads to frustration over the banking services and a quest for new-age banking.

the solution

Introducing the age of neo-banking

Neo-Banking players offer a personalized and customized banking solution for each of its customers. They present a new approach to banking with a redesigned savings account, expenses tracker, and many other automated functionalities.

end point overview

The advent of Neo-Banking accounts

Here's how Neobanks eased the process of opening bank accounts using YAP Banking APIs


API Request

	"entityId": "P12345678",
	"entityType": "CUSTOMER",
	"businessType": "NEODEMO",
	"businessId": "P4726132",
	"kitNo": "111100005",
	"title": "MR",
	"firstName": "KRISHNAN",
	"lastName": "ANANTHARAMAN",
	"gender": "M",
	"specialDate": "1975-03-15",
	"contactNo": "+91999999999",
	"emailAddress": "ANANTHARAMAN1975@GMAIL.COM",
	"address": "O NO 23, NO11",
	"address2": "TILAK STREET T NAGAR",
	"city": "CHENNAI",
	"state": "TAMIL NADU",
	"country": "INDIA",
	"pincode": "600017",
	"idType": "PAN",
	"idNumber": "AABCM6914F_1975-03-15",
	"dependent": false,
	"kycRefNo": "P4726132",
	"kycStatus": "FULL_KYC",
	"addressDto": {
	"address": [
	"address1": "O NO 23, NO11",
	"address2": "TILAK STREET T NAGAR",
	"city": "CHENNAI",
	"state": "TAMIL NADU",
	"country": "INDIA",
	"pinCode": "600017"
	"title": "OFFICE",
	"address1": "O NO 23, NO11",
	"address2": "TILAK STREET T NAGAR",
	"city": "CHENNAI",
	"state": "TAMIL NADU",
	"country": "INDIA",
	"pinCode": "600017"
	"contactNo1": "+91999999999",
	"contactNo2": "+91999999998",
	"emailAddress1": "ANANTHARAMAN1975@GMAIL.COM",
	"emailAddress2": null,
	"atm": "ALLOWED",
	"forexAddField": {
	"travelType": "NEW",
	"pot": "BUSINESS-S0301",
	"passportIssuedAt": "CHENNAI",
	"passportIssueDate": "2016-10-31",
	"passportExpiryDate": "2026-10-30",
	"fatherName": "KRISHNAN",
	"motherMaidenName": "SITHALAKSHMI",
	"cityOfBirth": "INDIA",
	"countryOfBirth": "INDIA",
	"countryOfTravel": "UNITED STATES",
	"applicationDate": null,
	"tripStartDate": "2019-08-06",
	"tripEndDate": "2021-08-21",
	"passportType": "INDIAN",
	"customerCategory": "CORPORATE|M2P SOLUTIONS PVT LTD",
	"panBelongs": "CORPORATE",
	"nationality": "INDIA",
	"nomineeName": "true|VIJAY S|1901-01-01",
	"taxINumber": "VJJJ7777JK",
	"countryOfTaxResidence": "INDIA, UNITED STATES|Tax Residence Address Type|Tax Resident Address",
	"identificationType": "PASSPORT|A88888888"

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