Fixed Deposits

Embedded Fixed Deposits Investment Platform

Extend lucrative deposit schemes to your customers with our custom APIs. Facilitate efficient wealth management and end-to-end virtual banking experiences.
Bespoke fixed deposits
for holistic wealth creation
Increase go-to-market speed with fixed and recurring
deposit solutions. M2P manages KYC, fund settlements,
service requests, analytics, and reporting.
Scalable and
Seamless & Uniform API Driven integration for FinTech and FI (Banks & NBFCs) with our customizable user interface delivers plans of multiple banking partners.
Customers can compare fixed deposit schemes available in the market in real-time. This feature will validate your brand and make you stand out in the market.
Completely digital processes including KYC, account creation, account changes, maturity pay-out & account closure, FD renewal
Reporting &
User Analytics
Data Analytics & Cumulative Reporting daily & monthly for the transactions on the platform by investors shared to Fintech’s & FI’s
End-to-end Customer Transaction Lifecycle Management
Support for service requests (FD Closure, Account details changes, FD Renewal, Bank Account changes) from both API-based as well as File-based integrations (Bank & NBFCs)

Key Stakeholder Benefits

For the Customer
Choice between multiple FD providers on the platform
Digital KYC, no need to open a bank account with the provider
Flexible tenures from 7 days to 10 years
Use as a collateral for loans
For the Banks
Add new customer segments for your FD products through fintech platforms
Completely digital onboarding process based on your criteria
Enable service requests APIs for seamless customer transaction lifecycle management
For the Fintechs
Fastest go-to-market capability with access to online FD providers
Seamless integration with multiple banks & NBFCs
Secure and compliant with the best industry practices
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