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Approachable. Innovative. Solution-centric. The experience of working with M2P has been nothing short of wonderful! Superior support, fast TAT, a wide range of solutions and most importantly, end-to-end ownership from sales to technical integration. M2P helped us grow our customer base by more than 250%.

Ankit Bhargava
Founder & CEO – Zenpay Solutions

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Card Issuance

Issue modern card solutions for every payment need. Customize your card solution with our Prepaid, Credit and Debit card tech-stack.


Lending via Prepaid Cards

Offer the best lending solutions for your customers with prepaid cards. Improve brand stickiness and craft better payment experiences.


Credit Card

Issue credit cards in no time with our complete API stack for credit card issuance, mobile-first REST API framework. We guarantee inbuilt security, compliance, and end-to-end support from design to dispatch.