Flow in use

Thats's how we oxygenated Karbon's money flow

the Challenge

Growing businesses = Cash Crunch

Start-ups and early-stage companies are often faced with cash crunch due to the needs of a growing business. Finding the money to handle those expenses can sometimes be a grueling ordeal. Instant financing of costs was the need of those businesses.

the solution

Managing cash crunch = Karbon Corporate credit card

Karbon offered a corporate credit card that let Start-ups and early-stage companies to meet their expenses without damaging the cashflow. It offered them a credit line that made purchases and bill payments easier.

the outcome

Transactions - and counting...

No. of transactions

500 Thousand

amount transacted

$5.2 Million

end point overview

Workings of YAP Credit

Here is how YAP Credit routes the transaction to its success

API Request

	"mti": "0200",
	"pan": "5088XXXXXXXX0005",
	"processingCode": "311000",
	"transactionAmount": "0000000000000",
	"settlementAmount": null,
	"cardHolderBillingAmount": null,
	"dateTimeTransaction": "0412183004",
	"settlementConversionRate": null,
	"cardholderBillingConversionRate": null,
	"stan": "247972",
	"rrn": "242772502272",
	"timeLocalTransaction": null,
	"dateLocalTransaction": "183008",
	"expiryDate": null,
	"settlementDate": null,
	"mcc": "6011",
	"channel": null,
	"acquiringCountryCode": "356",
	"posEntryMode": "901",
	"cardSeqNumber": null,
	"pointOfServiceConditionCode": "00",
	"feesAmount": null,
	"acquiringInstitutionCode": "720397",
	"forwardingInstitutionCode": null,
	"authorizationIdResponse": null,
	"responseCode": null,
	"serviceConditionCode": "520",
	"cardAcceptorTerminalId": "TEST1234",
	"cardAcceptorId": "TEST12345678901",
	"cardAcceptorNameLocation": "M2P KARTHICK TNIN",
	"additionalResponseData": null,
	"track1Data": null,
	"transactionCurrencyCode": "356",
	"settlementCurrencyCode": null,
	"cardholderBillingCurrencyCode": null,
	"additionalAmount": "9090356D000000001000",
	"chipData": null,
	"adviceReasonCode": null,
	"posDataCode": "5116615GA000000400051Address",
	"privateData1BiometricData": null

what they say?

Before we chose YAP, we had evaluated quite a few options in the market. We found YAP to be most easy platform to connect. We wanted someone who can understand the start-up ecosystem and work at the same pace or even faster. So, partnering with YAP was a no-brainer as they understood our pace.

Pei-Fu Hsieh
CEO & Co-Founder, KARBON Card

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