Flow in use

That's how we made gifting an immersive experience

the Challenge

Looking for a versatile e-gifting platform

Several large private and public sector banks were interested in designing a feature that allows their customers to send e-gifts easily. They wanted to introduce gifting options as part of the banking experience and offer an extensive collection of vouchers.

Further, banks wanted its customers to embrace the tradition of e-gifting with the freedom of deciding when, how, and what to redeem.

the solution

Offering personalized gifting through APIs

Using YAP APIs Banks were able to bring in a broad category of gift choices available to their customers. As a result, banks were able to simplify their customer journey of choosing and redeeming a digital gift.

They also saw a significant improvement in customer acquisition and retention due to the personalized experience offered by YAP.

the outcome

Transactions - and counting...

No. of transactions

3.5 Million

amount transacted

$200 Million

end point overview

A peek into YAP's gift card APIs

Discover the ease of gifting with YAP's Gift program

API Request

	"fromEntityId": "USER0001",
	"toEntityId": "USER0002",
	"productId": "GIFT",
	"description": "Gift INR 1000 to USER0002",
	"amount": 1000,
	"transactionType": "M2C",
	"business": "GIFTDEMO",
	"businessEntityId": "GIFTDEMO",
	"transactionOrigin": "WEB",
	"externalTransactionId": "GIFTDEMO1234J5J67"
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