Flow in use

That’s how we Doodled their money flow

the Challenge

How to leverage UPI for better customer retention?

As millennials were progressively leaning towards digital payments, integrating UPI payments was the need of the hour. Businesses needed to shift to this ecosystem to serve the clients better as well as retain them.

the solution

Agile APIs for UPI integration

YAP’s open-source APIs helped the clients to integrate UPI solutions and offer them to their customers efficiently. It facilitated the collect process seamlessly and enabled merchants to grow their business.

the outcome

Transactions - and counting...

No. of transactions

2.8 Million

amount transacted

$14 Million

end point overview

Get paid as you desire using APIs

Delve into the mechanisms of UPI transactions as they flow through YAP

API Response

	"result": {
		"transaction": {
			"amount": "200.0",
			"transactionType": "UPI",
			"type": "CREDIT",
			"time": 1503668261000,
			"txRef": 857207461,
			"businessId": null,
			"beneficiaryName": "UPI Merchant Demo",
			"beneficiaryType": "MERCHANT",
			"beneficiaryId": "60XXXMER",
			"description": "UPI Payment",
			"otherPartyName": "UPI Merchant Demo",
			"otherPartyId": "60XXXMER",
			"txnOrigin": "WEB",
			"transactionStatus": "PAYMENT_SUCCESS",
			"status": null,
			"yourWallet": "GENERAL",
			"beneficiaryWallet": "",
			"externalTransactionId": "113476XX191",
			"retrivalReferenceNo": null,
			"authCode": null,
			"billRefNo": null,
			"bankTid": "853225126"
		"balance": null
	"exception": null,
	"pagination": null

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