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Meet Srikrishna Thota, our Industrious M2Peer

Nov 25, 2022

The Star of the Month series is back!

This November, we shine the spotlight on Srikrishna Thota, our business development champion.

A shuttler and a movie buff, Srikrishna is a go-getter with a penchant for identifying strategic opportunities, nurturing relationships, and closing deals. His love for goal setting, learning, and exploring has enabled him to grow in leaps and bounds.

As we spoke to him about what makes him the star he is, he took us along his amazing five-and-a-half-year journey from being a marketing executive to becoming a business development ninja at M2P.

Curious to know what makes him a star M2Peer?

Then, just swipe down. You may even find his secret to success.

How do you usually start your workday?

I believe health is wealth. So, I start the day with a brisk 45-minute jog, which keeps me energized and productive.

Then I catch up on current events and kickstart my work mode with a cool to-do list where I factor in client calls and meetings for the day. After that, I connect with my team to ensure we clear roadblocks and thunder into business expansions.

What are your main responsibilities at work?

My major responsibilities include setting business expansion goals, formulating and steering strategies for revenue growth, overseeing lead generation and sales, negotiating client pricing, and implementing new market initiatives.

Then I train and motivate my team to implement high-growth strategies and help them remove blockers if any.

How have you grown through the years as an M2Peer?

My journey as an M2Peer began five years ago with Syntizen. Learning curves were immense and still prove to be challenging, considering the market dynamics.

I had a brief stint as a marketing executive in a media company before I started out as a BD manager at Syntizen. The role opened great learning opportunities in dealing with challenging clients, boosting sales, and making sure a solid foundation was laid for the growth of the business.

Being in the startup environment, I was given the capacity to work in several roles and responsibilities. My hard work, consistent learning, and attitude to take responsibility provided the impetus for me to move forward very quickly.

Learning new things every day is something I liked doing as a student and at work. I’m grateful to everyone for their understanding, constant support, and willingness to teach me new things. Learning is the biggest secret that made me grow over the years.

Is there a quote/saying that motivates you?

I am passionate about learning. So, these quotes motivate me.

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.”

— Anthony J. D’Angelo

Nonetheless, it’s the people around me that inspire me the most.

What’s that one thing your colleagues don’t know about you?

I’ve been an open book most of my life. If there is a secret, then it is meant to be kept so.

Have you ever played a practical joke in your school/college days?

Not actually.

What inspires you the most about your workplace?

My colleagues inspire me every day, especially the founders. I’m lucky enough to get the opportunity to work with them from day one. I’ve been with the organization through thick and thin, and the experiences have moved me to excel both in my personal and professional life.

Thanks to my colleagues and founders for all the inspiration and support.  Special thanks to Mr. Siddharth, who is such a lovely person to work with. He is very supportive and never stops motivating me. M2P is a great place for all new entrants to learn and develop their careers.

What’s your idea of a perfect day?

My day will be perfect when I close the best deals and contribute towards revenue and profits.

What are your hobbies/ interests?

I enjoy playing badminton and catching up on movies. Whenever I get free time, I reach out to spend quality time with family and friends.

Anything else you want to share with your peers?

I’m glad that Syntizen has joined the M2P family. The organization has grown tremendously over the years and still has a lot to achieve!

Here are my recommendations to fellow M2Peers who are looking to achieve goals in life.

  • Internal motivation is the key
  • Don’t depend on anyone
  • Try to handle any situation on your own
  • Learn from your mistakes and improve

Cheers to the M2P family!

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