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Reignite Your Career With
M2P’s Better Half Program

A career break shouldn't break your career. M2P’s 'Better Half' program provides women with a platform to recalibrate their careers through mentorship support, upskilling, and strengthening domain expertise. We aim to create an enabling environment for women to return to the workforce and achieve their true potential.

We Don’t See A Gap. Just Great Potential

“Why is there a gap in your resume?" is something you won’t hear from us. We are a people-first company rooted in values of inclusion and empathy. As we strive to be the best and transform the world of fintech, our people and values drive the decision-making.

If you are an M2Peer, here’s what you can expect.

'You touch it, you own it'
Everyone’s view and feedback is important
Be part of the team contributing to India's fintech journey
Work with cutting-edge technologies to create solutions for tomorrow
Our differences are what holds us together

What’s In It For You

Flexible work

Move across different domains

Ignite your innovation potential

Wealth creation through ESOPs

Comprehensive insurance cover

What Kindles Better Half

  • An exclusive programme for women who have taken a career break of at least 18+ months and have a minimum work experience of 3 years before the break.

Be A Part Of The Fintech Revolution


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You are an experienced full stack developer with a knack for building mobile and desktop applications.

With your eye for detail and knowledge of Angular and Nodejs building a frontend experience is a piece of cake.

When you come back, you will get to:

  • Join forces with the development and product teams to bring innovative ideas to life.
  • Design, create and nurture architectural databases and applications.
  • Build front-end application through appealing visual Design.
  • Develop mobile responsive features and applications.

You are a software developer who takes an active role in understanding, testing, and implementing projects at hand.

Your command of Java, MySQL, Spring, and Microservices will make your development journey an easy task.

When you come back, you will get to:

  • Take ownership in building solid reusable modules and widgets.
  • Work with an agile team in configuring custom developmental solutions.

You are a natural storyteller who holds a degree in Journalism/ Mass communications and can enchant people through your words.

Bringing innovative and creative ideas that engage both internal and external audiences is your cup of tea.

When you become an M2Peer, here is what you get to do,

  • Pick stories of interest, interview company leaders, track industry trends, and assist in organizing interactive press conferences.
  • Write content for press releases, publications, newsletters, magazines, articles, and website copy.
  • Pitch in with the H.R. team to develop internal communication content.

Seeing an opportunity for content in everything you come across is your secret strength.With a creative taste, you will spice up content ideas that voices out on all social media platforms.

When you become an M2Peer, here is what you get to do,

  • Curate engaging content according to customer needs.
  • Research and collate informational copies to promote our products and services.
  • With an understanding of the Fintech industry, you will help in creating logical and well-structured articles.

You are a content or copywriter with a beautiful portfolio of your published articles. You will use your storytelling abilities to bring a product to life.

As an M2Peer, you will:

  • Coordinate with the internal teams and derive inputs.
  • A team player with excellent research skills and the ability to connect the dots.
  • Ensuring consistency that will reflect M2P's standard of writing and product vision is your mantra.

You are a designer who can make a crowd visualize content through innovative designs.With a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design/Visual Communication and added expertise of M.S Office and Adobe creative suites, it's you who sets the trend.

When you become an M2Peer, here is what you get to do,

  • Demonstrate illustrative skills through sketches and storyboards.
  • Work with internal and external clients and bring your creative and original ideas to action.
  • Gain a solid base in understanding layout designs and the latest design trends.

You are an experience designer who captivates the viewer's attention and facilitates elegant solutions.

With the expertise to decipher complex UX design problems using tools like X.D, Sketch, and Figma, you have a knack for creativity and develop interactive concepts and designs.

When you become an M2Peer, here is what you get to do,

  • Conceptualize, Design, and Deliver intuitive and compelling layouts for a complex multi-platform (Web/Mobile, iOS, and Android Apps).
  • Take initial concepts and mock-ups and own the process of building them out into entire end-to-end experiences within the product.
  • Collaborate with various team members to execute and deliver customer-focused products and services.

You are someone whom people seek for positivity and not to forget their job.With a Master's degree in Human Resources, you will ensure effective change management by understanding the business needs and mapping the right talent to the right role.

When you become an M2Peer, here is what you get to do,

  • Complete execution of the hiring process (including Sourcing, Screening, Interview Management, and Offer Generation).
  • Manage Job Postings at the best-performing recruitment channels.
  • Ensure the process feedback from candidates and keep them informed post-interview via mail.

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