Turing (Core Banking)

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M2P Turing is a core banking system that offers a wide range of services to tackle current banking concerns. It strikes a balance between providing high-quality services and cost optimization. We assist banks in growing their tailored offers without dramatically expanding the number of product variants by leveraging contemporary technologies like AI, ML, and data analytics.
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Licensed and open-source
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Fraud prevention
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Fastest GTM
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CRM module
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Cross-sell features
SCS for greater flexibility and prevention of revenue leakage
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call centre integration
BCBF ready
80+ integrated
Payment switches

What’s in it for you?

Top-notch neobanking experiences
This neobanking solution streamlines the process for FI to carry out their regular tasks. With this advanced system, bankers may operate effectively and autonomously. Turing helps banks manage various FI products, onboard users in compliance with authorized KYC criteria, keep track of all transactions, generate audit reports, issue customized credit/debit cards, set card limitations or usage restrictions, manage overdue and NPA accounts, and perform other activities. Turing, developed by M2P, was built to be one step ahead of the competition and to ensure that the system can integrate and adapt to every FI requirement. M2P provides complete logistical support with the aid of a partner bank.
Futuristic gold deposits
Access new revenue streams and deploy signature gold investment solutions harnessing our proven API tech stack. We handle user registration, onboarding, KYC process, payment gateway integration, and even up to the Buy & Sell process.
Convenient flexi deposits
Finance corporations can onboard corporates to invest and earn interest from their investment. We handle customer onboarding, deposit booking, deposit withdrawal, reports, and dashboards.
Customized PFM services
Our Spend Analyzer/Personal Finance Management (PFM) product is built to classify customer transactions across all types of spending. Customers can consolidate their spending ‘category-wise’ or ‘merchant-wise’ for a specified period and set monthly budgets for merchant and category.
Cutting-edge fixed deposits stack
Make your customer’s investment journey seamless and paperless with our APIs. Design and deploy your platform in sync with your branding guidelines and requirements and showcase return computation upfront using our FD calculator.
Personalized/custom-built debit cards
Roll out customizable debit cards with digital onboarding, limit configuration, and fund transfer customization. Our end-to-end program management offers customers access to personalized rewards and loyalty programs.
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