Prepaid Cards

Prepaid Cards that Redefine the Payment Experience

Launch your own customizable prepaid card program, designed specifically for your clients' needs. Choose from a wide range of cards and offer smooth payment experiences.
100% control and real-time visibility
Define, monitor, and restrict usage based on location, time, or card channel. Ensure you have real-time control and visibility of your expenses.
Faster time to market
Want to issue prepaid cards in a few days? We can make that happen with industry level compliance, security, and customizations.
Fully customizable
Your cards must be unique! Get co-branded cards complete with your design and branding.

When there's a need...
There's a Prepaid Card

Industries across the board use our prepaid card solutions for diverse requirements. You name it, we've powered it!

Launch ready-to-use gift cards with predefined limits and rewards. Enjoy improved patronage and brand visibility.

Launch prepaid cards for expense and petty cash management, travel, entertainment and miscellaneous purchases. Configure limits and integrate online payments.

Ride the global wave with our special prepaid cards. Enjoy digital remittance with the trifecta of payroll management, mobile application, and cross-border payments.

Equip your employees with travel cards that are secure, compliant, and reliable. Roll out features such as spend analysis, multiple currency upload, and companion mobile app.

Track and monitor a wide range of fleet expenses including toll payments, fuel expenses, travel, lodging expenses of your fleet staff. Manage withdrawals, disbursement, and block/unblock cards seamlessly.
Get the prepaid card
tailormade for your

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