Workplace Safety

Behavioral Ethics and Compliance Center

Behavioral Ethics and Compliance Center

M2P is deeply committed to fostering a work environment that places employee safety at the forefront, recognizing that a supportive and respectful atmosphere is critical to our shared success. We promote transparency and open communication, ensuring employees have the confidence to voice any workplace issues or concerns. Central to our strategy for sustaining a positive work environment is our Behavioral Ethics and Compliance Center (BECC), which anchors our grievance resolution procedures.

The BECC takes a proactive role in safeguarding workplace safety, particularly in our efforts to combat sexual harassment, emphasizing our zero-tolerance policy towards any form of misconduct. This commitment to establishing a safe, inclusive environment reflects our value in the dignity and respect of all employees, reinforcing the foundation upon which the culture of our organization is built.

Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH)

M2P's commitment to a harassment-free workplace is demonstrated through our POSH initiative. In line with the POSH Act in India, we have set up Internal Committees (IC) across the organization, tasked with resolving sexual harassment complaints from employees.

Enhancing our commitment, our Grievance Redressal Body (GRB) plays a vital role in the enforcement of our anti-harassment policies. The GRB, consisting of external and internal senior members along with an Investigative Council, collaborates to ensure a thorough governance mechanism. Our approach to complaint resolution is gender-neutral, promoting fair treatment and resolution for all employees.

Employees can file a complaint by sending an email to Upon receiving a sexual harassment complaint, we ensure swift acknowledgment, responding within one week to begin the formal resolution process. Our aim is to address such issues within a strict 90-days timeframe.

The classification of complaints is meticulously carried out, with subsequent disciplinary actions ranging from warnings to termination of employment, depending on the severity of the case. This systematic approach reaffirms our commitment to fostering a safe, respectful, and inclusive workplace for everyone.

BECC for Contract Staffs

BECC for Contract Staffs

Our commitment to a positive and secure working environment extends beyond our direct employees to include suppliers, contract staffs, administrative workers, and others providing services on our campuses. Contract staffs, suppliers, and administrative employees experiencing workplace safety issues at any M2P office locations can address their concerns by sending an email to Such grievances undergo a neutral review in line with the principles of natural justice, thus providing a holistic work environment.

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