Debit Cards

Debit Card
Issuance, Redefined

Your end-to-end platform for fast, scalable, customized debit card issuance.
Issue physical/virtual/disposable/tokenized cards.
One issuance platform. Multiple benefits.
Go-to-market faster with the most complete Debit Card Issuance Platform yet. One platform packed with the best features in one place.
Network Connectivity
VISA/ MasterCard/ RuPay certified platform.
Flexible Product & Fee Management
Product/Account level, Card Level, Fixed, Percentage, or tiered.
Digital Issuance
Green PIN-enabled with instant issuance capability.
Hyper-personalization on the card features using granular program configurations.
Channel/Limit Management
Enable/disable channels and set/modify limits for different channels. Complete product configuration programmable with complete control of product capabilities.
Configuration Control
Set authorization limits (specified merchant-based spend limits) and velocity (how much a card user can spend in a span of time as per transaction amount and transaction count). Decide where the user spends and how much they spend at a specific merchant.
Reports & Dashboards
Get comprehensive inbuilt and dynamic reports.
Seamless Integration
Seamless integration with client’s modules (CRM/ FRM/ AML/ CBS/ ESB) providing flexibility in reusing in-house solutions.
Inbuilt Security & Compliance
Integrated ACS certified on 3DS 1.0 & 2.0 with customizable controls and seamless payment authorizations. Inbuilt fraud and risk assessment modules for enhanced security.

Why us?

We have helped banks & fintechs across the board deliver personalized customer experiences around the world. Be the debit card market leader with our product!
API-first Technology Stack
Power seamless native experiences on apps & web portals.
Multi-tenant Architecture
To run parallel programs for self and partners.
Modularized Services
Enjoy flexibility in picking and choosing services according to your requirements.
Full Hosted Service = Faster GTM
With our in-house capabilities, we help you eliminate multiple dependencies and launch a debit card program in 4-6 weeks.
Custom Configurations
Create custom buckets for strategic partners with custom configurations so you can run multiple products on one platform.
Launch your best
debit card program
with us.
Our Debit Card Issuance platform is comprehensive and reliable, with 360° coverage & end-to-end support. Launch market-winning cards today!