Cross-Border Payments

Cross-Border Payment Solutions

Create customer-first remittance and cross-border payments solutions leveraging M2P’s partner network. Deploy multi-currency travel or forex cards for all travel needs.

Dependable Forex Cards for
all International Travel Needs

Designed to offer top-of-the-line security and convenience to globetrotters everywhere.
100% customizable
Offer complete digital onboarding minus the lengthy paperwork. Be it digital onboarding, KYC compliance, or showing nearby offers, our flexible APIs have got you covered.
Virtual wallet
Simple, secure, and smart wallets that can store up to 24 currencies, including the most popular forex choices.
Market-leading solutions
Offer funds auto-sweep, exchange rate lock, and automatic INR conversion on return as your wallet's core functionalities.
Travel companion app
An intuitive app that shows ATM locations and allows the user to initiate lock, unlock, inter-wallet transfer, and protect their card(s) wherever they may be.

Seamlessly connecting remittance entities with last mile disbursal partners

M2P makes cross-border remittances faster, smoother, and more reliable through single API integration.
Send Partners
Receive Partners
Customer-facing licensed entities
Types – Exchange Houses, Banks, Money Transfer Operators (MTOs), Fintechs
Disbursal partners at receiving country
Types – Exchange Houses, Banks, Money Transfer Operators (MTOs), Fintechs

How it works

Sender enters beneficiary's destination/ destination-based information and can view forex conversion rates, other charges.
Sender enters amount to be transferred in the currency of origin.
M2P sends money to the receiver in recipient currency via disbursal partner network,after regulator-based velocity/volume checks.
M2P notifies the sender after payment collection from customer, transaction ID creation, and receipt creation.
Disbursal partner is notified regarding credit to the recipient.

What We Offer

Cross-Border Bill Payment
Corporate Foreign Exchange Solution
Why us
Go to market with M2P’s winning solutions powered by the most secure API tech stack.
Access to multiple
cross-border corridors through single integration
Offer full-fledged remittance services without the hassle of going through various integrations.
End-to-end platform using M2P’s partner and shared distribution channel
Leverage the send and disbursal partner network of M2P in markets like GCC, SEA, and Indian subcontinent, giving natural boost to your solution’s capacity.
Omnichannel remittance advantage
From bank accounts, mobile wallets/ e-wallets to MTO transfers, cash payout agents, we manage it all.
More than a simple money transfer
Create customer onboarding and digital KYC module, a transparent ecosystem with treasury and forex markups support. Give your end customers more than just money transfer capability.
Get ahead of the competition with our cross-border remittance solutions
Our expert team offers faster go-to-market speeds, end-to-end support, and more.