Brand Colours

Red is the universal color associated with youthful vigor and boldness. M2P boasts of a young demographic who have pushed the limits and continue to challenge the status quo. The color red reflects that energy.

White, symbolizes purity, efficiency, and sophistication, and is meant to inspire trust and reflect our commitment to quality products.

Primary Colours


R207 G34 B40

C12 M100 Y98 K3

Supporting Colours


R0 G102 B204

C86 M61 Y00 K00


R104 G111 B121

C62 M50 Y42 K12

Secondary Colours


R237 G37 B87

C00 M97 Y55 K00


R244 G130 B32

C00 M60 Y100 K00


R57 G184 B137

C72 M1 Y62 K00


R252 G192 B24

C1 M26 Y98 K00

Brand Typeface

"Ubuntu" and "Ilisarniq" are the primary typefaces used accross all our products.

As they clearly reflect the empathetic attitude of the brand ensuring greater readability and legibility.

Brand Font - Ubuntu

Ubuntu - Light

Ubuntu - Regular

Ubuntu - Bold

Web & App Font - Ilisarniq

Ilisarniq - Light

Ilisarniq - Regular

Ilisarniq - Bold

Meet Our Founders

"A conversation over tea, a spark, and M2P was born! Meet the team behind the brand. With eclectic interests (weekend chef, sportsman, tech enthusiast), a never-say-die attitude, and a passion for all things fintech, this trio has driven the company since 2014, and has had loads of fun doing it!"

Madhusudanan R
Chief Executive Officer

Knowledge powerhouse and weekend chef, Madhu feels start-ups are constantly challenged. He aims to transform every business into a Fintech.

Muthukumar A
Chief Technology Officer

Avid sportsman, and technologist, Muthu believes in the magic combination of hard work and business knowledge topped with a little bit of luck. For him, Fintech is the future.

Prabhu R
Chief Operating Officer

A deep space tech enthusiast, Prabhu heads Ops and InfoSec. He feels start-ups are game-changers that keep challenging status-quo.


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