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Meet Aditya Narasimhan, our Product Delivery Champ

Dec 20, 2022

2022 is drawing to a close. And this year’s last star of the month series is here!

So, buckle up folks!

Pave the way for Aditya Narasimhan, our VP of Product and Client Delivery.

A table tennis coach, superjock, and fintech product delivery champion, Aditya is an inspiration to many. Master at the art of work-life synergy, this sportive M2Peer is a staunch believer of the fact that life never stops teaching, and he must never stop learning.

Curious to know what makes Aditya shine? We were too.

We got into a candid conversation with him to uncover his secret to success. But what we heard was even more amazing.

Spoiler alert: Fun revelations ahead!
Here you go!

How do you usually start your workday?

Learning is my passion. Each day I look forward to greater learning.
I start my workday with simple prepping that involves breaking targets into smaller, digestible bytes and jotting down pending tasks in my to-do list. Then I get into action by completing a couple of tasks and sip heavenly coffee with a sense of accomplishment.
Later I sync up with my team, understand and discuss their queries, ensuring that there is constant interaction irrespective of whether its work, fun, or travel.

What are your main responsibilities as VP – Product and Client Delivery?

I recently moved to the role of leading development and delivery of Fleet Payments product. My responsibility here is to build the product by collaborating with various stakeholders like banks, fintechs, aggregators, and regulators.

Hailing from a background in banking and commercial vehicle finance, it is exciting for me to blend my experience to create innovative payments methods around FASTag, fuel, and driver expenses. I enjoy helping commercial vehicle businesses by providing a bankable financial layer to endorse products like fleet payments management for fleet owners, fuel and toll credit systems for lenders, and neobanking for drivers.

How have you grown through the years as an M2Peer?

It was a big gamble for me to join M2P. And I’m loving every second spent in the office. It’s been a little more than 40 months in this organization. The experience has been great.

I am thankful for being one of the first set of hires in Business Development (BD) and Product roles. Probably the only handful of people to have experienced the BD role, implementation, account management, bank interaction, and product development. I feel both proud and humbled to have contributed to all victories and new learnings.

Is there a quote/saying that motivates you?

Being a sports person, there are many quotes that motivate me. The most addictive one is this.
‘The more you sweat in practice, the lesser you bleed in the battle.’

And this is something I experience and correlate with M2P. They constantly re-engineer to improve the client’s experience. And so, we manage and thrive irrespective of the disruption.

My next favorite quote is this from Benjamin Franklin. ‘Being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being unwilling to learn.’

And finally, another one of my favorite sayings is, ‘Everything happens for a reason.’

What’s that one thing your colleagues don’t know about you?

I am usually an open book. However, there is some behind-the-scene action I’d like to share now.
I enjoy acting and have played a few roles in Tamil cinema and soaps during my college days.

Have you played a practical joke in college/school?

Oh yes. I was a total prankster during college. Here’s one of the pranks I recall.

Now this was the time when pizzas were delivered to a location over just a call. My group of friends and I sneaked into the staff room when no one was around and ordered 3 large pizzas in the name of the principal from the landline there. It became a huge embarrassment to the school, and the principal had to pay for it. However, the information was leaked, and we were caught a week later. 😊

What inspires you the most about M2P?

The team of founders, across M2P and the recently acquired brands. Their quality of giving complete freedom with responsibility inspires me the most. Other inspirational traits M2Peers exhibit are great respect, constant learning, and ownership over their jobs.

What’s your idea of a perfect day?

For a day to be perfect, it must be filled with as many insights as possible. And that makes me look forward to the next day.

What was your career path before joining M2P, and how has it changed?

Right from my school and college days, I was a passionate table tennis player and competed at the national level. So, during my master’s degree, I was conflicted between going pro in table tennis or taking up a campus offer from Federal Bank.

It was like a toss of a coin, and I’ve never regretted my decision. I started my career with Federal Bank and moved on with Cholamandalam Finance in the commercial vehicle lending space. That’s when I got introduced to M2P.  My journey as an M2Peer has been both blissful and exciting so far!

What are your hobbies/interests?

I’ve still kept my passion for Table Tennis alive. I coach these days and participate in events representing M2P, be it a corporate, state, or national event.
I also train the Tamil Nadu Senior State Table Tennis Team every year. For this reason, I am grateful to M2P for allowing me to pursue my passion.

Anything else you want to share about M2P?

M2P is an incredible place to learn and grow. You need to be curious and updated on the regulations, bank strategies, and fintech ideas to make necessary changes to your products and platforms. M2P has come a long way in identifying problems and developing innovative approaches to address them. This marks a significant milestone in its journey.
I am grateful for the faith and exposure that M2P has offered me. I look forward for the great journey ahead.

Kudos to all M2Peers!

Stick around, until we get back with an awesome story of another M2P star.

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