Neobanking 101

Neobank is the super digital avatar ruling the smart banking space now. Why such hype for neobanks? What makes neobanks a lucrative fintech offering? Our 101 article explores how neobanks turned every stumbling block into a stepping stone in its way. Read more.

Neobanking- The rise of new-age banking

Bridging the shortcomings of traditional banking, neobanks today have decoded banking for the better. Our blog sheds light on neobanks and their interoperability. Know more.

Top 14 neobanks that reinvent banking experience in India

Did you know that 82% of customers rate user experience as a key factor while banking? Neobanks cater to this customer need by offering personalized and flexible services. Here are the top 14 neobanks that reinvent the banking experience in India. Know more.


By 2030, Blockchain will have the potential to help banks save more than $27 billion.


More than a third of fintech industry deals are made outside the US, the UK, and China.


By 2022, the fintech sector is estimated to be worth $310 billion.


13.7% of bank customers use their mobile app several times a day, while 24.4% use it less than once a week.


By 2023, Chatbots will help banks save $7.3 billion.

Fintech Everywhere!

India's financial regulators like RBI and SEBI offer temporary regulatory protection in the sandboxes to encourage start-ups to innovate in the fintech space. This made UK-based fintech start-ups also want to access these sandboxes.

UK will no longer accept UK-issued Visa credit cards as of 19 January 2022 due to high transaction fees.


Brazil's government plans to publish new regulations for fintechs which oversees the Brazilian financial and monetary system.


San Francisco-based Upgrade, which offers credit and mobile banking, has completed a $280 million Series F funding round at a $6 billion pre-money valuation.


Mastercard and Paymob launch Tap-On-Phone in Egypt, a new digital payment solution for small businesses that offer various payment methods.

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