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Fintech facts

82% of traditional financial companies plan to increase collaboration with fintechs in the next 3-5 years.


Chatbots will save banks $7.3 billion by 2023.


Artificial intelligence will save the insurance industry nearly $1.3 billion by 2023.


Almost half of consumers who do not use payment apps cite the ease of use of traditional payment meth-ods as the main reason for sticking with them.


Digital banking services are taking over: 46% of people exclusively use digital channels for their financial needs.

Fintech happenings around the world

After the Buy Now Pay Later pioneer, Klarna, bagged a hefty valuation of $10.65B, now the online payments firm Checkout has tripled its market value to $15B. Checkout is one of the world's top 4 highly valued private fintech firms, and interestingly Klarna is the customer of the former.


Walmart tries to get a grip of the fintech landscape by getting into a successful alliance with Ribbit Capital. As a result, the retail giant's stock value increased by 1.5 points. Since Walmart already has a foothold in India through Flipkart, the next is to watch out for its e-commerce transaction dynamics.


Facial payment platforms, big data analytics for credit ,and quick underwriting, these are happenings in the Chinese fintech ecosystem. More than 90% of China’s banking transaction occur online with 4 out of 5 payments occurring through mobile; the country is all set to boom and bounce back from the COVID pandemic with a GDP forecast of 8%


The central bank of the UAE, along with ADGM, has opened its new Fintech office and kicked off a wholesale central bank digital currency project called ABER. The initiative focuses on advanced cross-border payments and became popular partly because of the word’s origin. ‘Aber’ is an Arabic term which means wanderer, a perfect one to depict international money transfer.

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