We're quietly revolutionizing the fleet industry

The fleet industry is growing by leaps & bounds. With a 25% increase in vehicle sales, the industry is poised at a 19% growth rate by 2024.

But all’s not well with the fleet sector.

Let’s take a quick look at the problems currently faced before we tell you how to fix them.

  • Concentrated Market – Over 80% of fleet owners have less than 5 vehicles. This creates a supply-demand mismatch and slows down digitization coverage and growth.

  • Multiple Platforms – Multiple platforms for telematics, fleet aggregators, expense management, etc. are required for basic operational efficiency. It’s tough to integrate them into one.

  • Capital Allocation & Access to Credit – Lack of real-time unified data access makes it difficult for fleet operators to plan efficient capital allocation and lenders to make credit decisions.

How do we solve these problems?

Telematics and digital technology have emerged as key factors that enable operational efficiency, payments, and data across the end-to-end logistics supply chain. To ensure sustainable growth, fleet operators need a robust fintech layer.

Here’s where we come in.

M2P Fleet Drive – one-stop solution for all fleet challenges

We are a centralized Fleet Payments Management Platform for the end-to-end business needs of fleet operators, the telematics sector, and lenders. Our Fleet Drive platform enables harmonized payment management across trips and cohesive access to capital for fleet operations.

Key Highlights
  • Seamless onboarding – API-driven platform for driver and vehicle onboarding across PPI wallet, fuel retailers, and FASTag services

  • Single wallet convenience – To manage all payments throughout the trip

  • Partnership with major oil marketing companies to streamline fuel transfers

  • Unified dashboard offering real-time control and visibility

  • Flexible business model for effective working capital management and expansion

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