Our core lending suite is disrupting the fintech landscape and how!

Digital lending is undoubtedly the most funded and promising fintech sector in recent years. The emerging new business models, regulations, and launch of new products led to the digitization of the lending process. Digital lending stepped in to eliminate multiple players and provide credit in the form of BNPL, UPI 2.0, cards, embedded flows, and EMI.

With continuous innovations and exciting launches, digital lending in India is set to grow 4.75X to $1.3 Tn in 2030 from $270 Bn in 2022. This is exciting news for India as there is a need to unlock new opportunities in the lending space, launch customer-centric products, and meet the growing credit demand.

Presenting our exclusive and market-ready digital lending suite!

M2P's Core Lending Suite (CLS) is a comprehensive digital-first lending suite enabling financial institutions to create, build, market test, and quickly roll out customer-centric lending products including customer identification and onboarding, to loan management services and collections.

Our suite also provides extension of credit into consumption layers - disbursal to bank account, credit cards, cardless checkout, and even UPI on credit; everything is now possible in 'one-stop.'

CLS, a game-changer in the lending industry

Our Core Lending Suite (CLS) is a comprehensive digital-first lending suite that combines an API-first composable cloud-based lending platform that includes loan booking and consumption, identify verification, and collection offering. The platform is created to support faster go-LIVE and is also cost-efficient. It supports not just 100% digital but assisted customer journeys for financial institutions wanting to offer Lending in a box.


M2P Fintech partners with BFC Payments B.S.C. (C), the Fintech arm of BFC Group Holdings, to launch an advanced multicurrency card in Bahrain, Travel Buddy, that offers international travelers great convenience with offerings such as fast top-ups, instant currency conversion, worldwide shopping, dining, and a lot more!


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