Why do the overbanked need Fintech?

When you have enough funds dispersed across several banks, you're likely to land up in hot water because it's difficult to take stock of all of them at once. So, know what New-age fintech has set out to do!Read more.

Sachetization inspired cash-flow lending

The underbanked sections can finally access line or credit through cash flow-based lending. This model applies the sachetization idea to address the needs of the MSME/SME financial sector.Read more.

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The wonders of OCEN

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Accidental Banker

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Fintech facts

Google Play India has tried to eliminate more than 4,000 untrustworthy lending apps, which have caused a lot of disruption in the fintech scene.


28% of banking and payment services are facing the risk of disruption as modern-age fintech's bring new business models to the fore


The fintech credit value in the Asia-Pacific excluding China region is $1.76 Billion.


The overall transaction value of the Indian Fintech Market is all set to jump to $140 Billion by 2023


The global financial sector is expected to be worth US$26.5 trillion in 2022, with a CAGR of 6%.

Fintech happenings around the world

Ember, the tax and accounting process automation start-up, has raised £1.6 million in the Seed round. The company provides real-time accounting for small business owners and freelancers. The Seed round was led by fintech venture investment firm Anthemis.


Burgeon Software, China's leading POS and system construction provider, has received 300 Million Yuan funding in the B round of financing. Burgeon has its system installed in more than 300,00 offline stores and processes more than 300 Billion Yuan in retail transactions every year.


465 Middle East FinTechstartups are projected to raise over $2 billion in venture capital funding by 2022.


Bharat Pe has raised $108 Million in the Series D equity round of financing that puts the company at a $900 Million valuation. Last month, the company had raised Rs.249 Crores from Alteria Capital, Innoven Capital, Trifecta Capital, and ICICI Bank


Malaysia's market's largest segment will be Digital Payments, with a total transaction value of US$12,666m in 2021. The Fintech investment in Singapore reached US$346 million in 2020, representing 6.2% of all that was raised in Asia.

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