Transactional to Experiential Banking

Banking has undergone a fundamental transformation where it is no more transactional but experiential. Read this article to know what caused this transformation and its challenges down the road.  Read more.

Transforming remittance

Relying on banks or FOREX dealers for international remittances was always a cumbersome process. But today, fintech's are transforming them right at their core; read our latest article to  know more.

Featured Pages

Starting from the ease of checkout to personalized offers, BNPL has masked the word and feeling of a "Loan." It is now simply viewed as Buy Now and Pay Later as opposed to the avatar of a loan.  Read more.

Meet our Tech G(K)uru

Ever elusive and known for his quiet and observing nature, Kuru is a dedicated developer who is also our in-house genius. Our blog explores his hidden facets, aspirations and his journey with M2P.  Read more.

Fintech facts

India among the top nations with the most conducive environment for financial inclusion.


Bahrain and Kerala sign an MoU for cooperation in fintech, ICT and IoT startups.


Global market value of fintech is expected to reach USD 309.98 billon at a CAGR of 24.8% by 2021


The mobile payment market is all set to touch $6,685,102 million by 2021.


LendingPoint, LANDBAY, and Chime were some of the heavily funded startups receiving $1.7 billion, $1.6 billion, and $1.5 billion, respectively.

Fintech happenings around the world

Butter, the BNPL travel agency, has received £15.8 million funding, led by BCI Finance and other private angel investors. Butter will utilize this funding to accelerate the launch of its responsible open-banking-based BNPL shopping app.


VISA accepts cryptocurrency USD coins to settle its transactions on its payment network. The pilot program was launched with, and VISA plans to partner with more crypto platforms this year.


ForwardX Robotics announced the completion of the 250 million yuan Pre-C funding round on March 25th. The round was led by CDH VGC and Dohold Capital, followed by AA touzi and ZGC Group. ForwardX Robotics is credited with the innovation of OVIS, the world's first side-following luggage.


NOW Money, the Dubai-based digital banking solution, has secured $7 Million in the round led by Venture investor Anthemis Exponential Ventures. The funding will enable NOW to spearhead its growth in Saudi Arabia with new hires and infrastructure base in Riyadh.

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