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Fintech facts

46% of fintech companies in the world agree that AI is among the most relevant technologies for investment.


82% of traditional financial companies plan to increase their fintech engagement in the next 3-5 years.


The mobile payment market will reach $6,685,102 million by the end of 2021.


One of the biggest fintech products is digital payment, as it holds more than 25% of the fintech market share.


96% of global consumers are aware of at least one fintech service or company.

Fintech happenings around the world

Pine Labs has raised $285 Million in funding from Baron Capital Group, Duro Capital, Marshall Wace, Moore Strategic Ventures, and Ward Ferry Management. Existing investors Temasek, Lone Pine Capital, and Sunley House Capital also participated in this funding round.


Fly Now Pay Later, an alternative payments provider developed exclusively for the travel sector, has secured $10 Million in funding, defying the Covid hit travel industry. It enables their customer to spread the cost of their travel over 8-12 months and are associated with many travel companies and airlines worldwide.


San Francisco-based Stripe acquires Oakland startup Bouncer for an undisclosed amount. Bouncer's card authentication and verification technology will be integrated into Stripe's Radar, a machine learning-based fraud prevention tool.


The employees of Changsha Municipal Public Security Bureau at Kaifu Branch were the first to receive salaries in the form of Digital RMB. This is the first time that digital RMB's have been used by a government agency in China.


Founded by former Google Employees, Dubai- based digital payments apps Mamo has raised $8 Million in funding. The Mamo app allows users to quickly send money to other users without the need for lengthy registration processes or the use of IBAN.

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