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Fintech facts

Blockchain Capital announces $300m investment fund backed by PayPal and Visa.


Stripe launches AI-based identity verification tool for online businesses to reduce payment fraud.


Global annual sales in the fintech insurance market are set to reach $15,343.3 million by 2023.


According to Goldman Sachs, Fintech's worth is estimated to be $4.7 trillion.


The fintech sector attracts about $50 billion in investments every year.


Total digital payment transaction value projected to surpass $10.50 trillion by 2025.

Fintech happenings around the world

Slice, an Indian FinTech startup, has raised $20 million in a new financing round and is adding new features to change how people engage with their credit cards. LocoNav, an Indian- based fleet software startup has raised $37 million in a new financing round to expand in developing markets.


According to the 2021 Global Payments Report by Worldpay UK is expected to go cashless by 2024 as the pandemic further fueled the touchless payments.


The biggest fintech fundraising round of the week was secured by Brazilian cross-border payments company Ebanx, raising $430 million as continues to the hottest fintech region on the planet.


Bitcoin tumbles down below $37000 this week for the first time since February as China bans cryptocurrency services. Ethereum and Dogecoin were down more than 16%, while XRP fell more than 11%.


MENA's fintech industry is predicted to enter a new growth era with Accenture and Fintech Hive projecting that by 2022, companies in the space will make up 8% of financial services revenue.

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