M2P Fintech rolls out 'Moonlight with Us'

Chennai November 29, 2022

M2P Fintech announced the launch of 'Moonlight with Us' initiative, a first-of-its-kind program that provides employment opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs, professional athletes, artists who are pursuing their interest to take up a role with M2P. The initiative, modelled around a flexible work schedule, aims to provide a safety net for people to pursue their aspirations.

With India witnessing heightened entrepreneurial action, it is only natural that more people aspire towards starting their own venture. However, owing to the fear of failure or the need to manage finances have inhibited several people from taking the plunge. By Moonlighting with M2P, the individual gets back the time required to build on an idea, while being part of a high growth company that prepares them for what may be in store for their own venture. A regular salary paying employment, along with its benefits, adds an additional safety net in terms of finances being provided for them in the conceptual stage.

Prabhu Rangarajan, Co-Founder, M2P Fintech

“Moonlighting is not a buzzword; it is a significant phenomenon that has prompted us to rethink our talent strategy. We are experiencing a major shift in conventional working practices, and we believe, as a mature organisation we can now enable people to express themselves in ways that are deemed unconventional.peaking on the initiative’s focus on people who are on their entrepreneurial journey, he added, “As founders we are cognizant of what it takes to pursue one's dreams. ‘Moonlight with Us’ is a way for us to pay it forward by providing the time, energy and support that is required in the formative days of a company. We don’t want to stop at aspiring entrepreneurs, we do hope to empower athletes and artists to pursue their passion, while providing them with a platform for financial stability.”

Moonlight with Us’ is M2P’s second such initiative launched this year, following the successful ‘Better Half’ initiative dedicated to women seeking a career restart. M2P is a global fintech platform driving innovation in digital core banking, core lending, and payments verticals. M2P Fintech has engagements across 100+ banks, 100+ NBFCs, and 600+ fintech engagements across Asia Pacific, MENA, and Oceania regions. Growing at an exponential pace, M2P is actively recruiting new talent. As a fintech disruptor and innovator, M2P offers candidates the opportunity to interact with industry leaders and contribute to the growth of one of the fastest growing companies in the fintech space. To know more and apply for the Moonlight with Us initiative, please visithttps://m2pfintech.com/moonlight

About M2P Fintech

Founded in the year 2014 and headquartered in Chennai, M2P Fintech is Asia's largest API infrastructure company offering a wide gamut of services that enable businesses of any scale to embed financial services. M2P Fintech is an omnichannel platform that operates in over 20 markets across the Asia Pacific, MENA and Oceania regions. M2P works with over 100+ banks, 100+ NBFCs, and has clocked over 600+ Fintech engagements across various industries serving over 35 million end users. M2P pioneers next gen fintech through innovative offerings across the payments, lending, and banking ecosystem. Our comprehensive tech-stack powers the core banking system, core lending suite, BNPL, customized credit cards, prepaid cards, and much more.

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