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Disruptive business enablers -Prepaid Payment Instruments (PPIs)

Aug 19, 2021

Did you know?

PPIs in India grew at a 53% CAGR from 41Cr (May 2017) to 226Cr (May 2021). And the potential for future growth is enormous.

New to the PPI world?

Here’s a little introduction for you.

PPIs are prepaid payment instruments that enable digital payments via mobile wallets, prepaid cards, and paper vouchers. They are disruptive business enablers with the ability to accelerate the profitability and growth of enterprises worldwide.

But how can you tap into the potential of PPIs?

First, you need to understand the dynamics behind PPIs. The infographic below will help you grasp and analyze the evolution of PPIs in India from the era of demonetization to the pandemic. You can tap into its immense potential by comprehending growth factors, current status, thriving possibility, RBI initiatives, and much more.

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