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Meet M2P’s Operations Manager

May 31, 2022

May is not just mother nature’s time to turn up the heat. It’s when Rajesh, our operations manager puts too many irons in the fire. But that didn’t stop him from taking time off and having a candid chat with us.

Continue reading to uncover Rajesh’s multifarious sides from being a fitness freak to a melomaniac. One thing that stands out is how he is an optimistic multitasker.

1. How do you usually start your day?

I start my mornings on a positive note. It doesn’t matter what the day may have in store for me. I believe that if you wake up with a chill and calm mindset, you will be ready to rule the day.

Wonder how I maintain my cool?

The secret is yoga and meditation. They soothe my nerves and sharpen my mind.

2. What are your main responsibilities as Operations Manager?

The Operations Team at M2P works in full-on active mode round the clock. In fact, we are in a never-ending race with the clock.

Every day starts afresh with a new to-do list. We don’t carry forward any unfinished business to the next day. This reduces work pressure as we complete our daily tasks on time.

Now I feel my adrenaline pumping… HAHAHA!

Apart from operations tasks, my major responsibility is to train fellow M2Peers in my team. I push them to do their best and monitor their reports. As a team, our daily achievement happens when we complete each day’s task without any escalation.

3. How have you grown through the years as an M2Peer?

I’ve been working at M2P for four years now. Even though my previous company is from the same field, the M2P system and nature of work are completely new. I would definitely say, I am blessed with a chance to learn new things here even though I am an experienced professional. I would like to grab this opportunity to thank our co-founder Prabhu and Vivek Prashanth, Vice President (Operations) for their constant guidance and support from the beginning.

M2P is a great place to gain good knowledge. I’ve also learned work etiquette and conversing skills.

4. Is there a quote/saying that motivates you?

“Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable.”

This line is such a boost for me to face new challenges every day. As mentioned earlier, unstoppable like a clock! 😀

5. What type of student were you during your college/ school days?

Undoubtedly, a notorious backbencher. And I am proud of it! 😀

I spent most of the time in the ground playing volleyball and kabaddi. I still remember my first win in a volleyball match when I was 12 years old. With good training, I became a state volleyball player and represented Anna University in Kabaddi too. To your surprise, I am still practicing volleyball and kabaddi during the weekends.

Just throwing a tip your way — “Keep fitness as a habit, no matter what.”

6. What inspires you the most about M2P?

The optimistic way in which M2P approaches challenges is truly inspiring. Every project is a new challenge and new learning here. No projects are dropped. And efforts are taken to complete them successfully no matter what.

7. What’s your idea of a perfect day?

A perfect day — a day without any escalation! Sounds already perfect, right?

8. What do you do when you get some leisure time?

Yuvan music will be on full blast. It pumps up my energy.

And, hey I love to spend happy times with my friends and indulge in physical activities.

9. Anything else you want to share about M2P?

One word strikes my mind immediately, PERFECT.

Keep inspiring, M2P. Looking forward to growing together in this long and exciting ride.

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