5 reasons why VKYC is the future of onboarding

With a 15-20X boost in operational efficiency, reduced TAT, and a whopping 25% cut in onboarding costs it is safe to say that Video-based KYC (VKYC) is transforming customer onboarding!

By authenticating customer identity with just a camera and a device, VKYC is inherently simple and user-friendly. It is adopted across BFSI industry, government departments, educational institutions, and businesses, and is poised to be a game changer in digital identity verification.

5 reasons why VKYC is popular
  • Reduced costs associated with verification travel, hardware, and Aadhaar license.

  • Improved conversions as customer/agent journeys are personalized and simplified.

  • Reduced effort and Turn Around Time (TAT) as video authentication takes only a few minutes.

  • Better inclusion by enabling last-mile accessibility to remote locations

  • Enhanced new-age customer experiences through quick, convenient, and seamless onboarding

Financial institutions opt for plug-and-play VKYC solutions with the following features.

  • PAN verification using government APIs.

  • Aadhaar verification using OTP-based eKYC or XML verification.

  • Facial matching and liveness detection.

  • Location capture.

  • Video recording for audit purposes.

Today, India is one of the first countries to adopt Video-based Know Your Customer. And globally, the VKYC market is slated to grow by 17% from $179 million in 2020 to $863 million in 2030.

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Upsurge in the global video KYC market through the years

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Core Lending Suite.

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Instant PAN Services

  • Users can avail PAN services instantly

  • Banks can bundle instant PAN & bank accounts for their potential adolescent customer base

  • Existing PAN card customers can update their details instantly

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