Celebrating 1 year of 'Better Half': Calling all comeback queens!

Flexibility in work is not just a buzzword here at M2P!

Ever since the pandemic, around 85% of women prefer jobs that are flexible and help them maintain a work-life balance.

We were at the forefront of promoting inclusivity and flexibility in a work environment by launching 'Better Half' a year ago. We feel delighted to reach the first-year milestone of our Better Half initiative!

Better Half is an exclusive recruitment programme for women who wish to restart after a career break. The programme offers the benefits of having formal upskilling, mentorship, participation in ESOPs, and more.

In a nutshell, Better Half offers a full-time job where women can interact, learn, grow, and maximize their potential even after a career break with no justifications asked for the career break!

Watch here as our co-founder, Madhusudanan R, elucidates more about Better Half.


What do our comeback queens have to say?


Better Half is a part of our 'Be You' initiative through which we roll out several inclusivity-driven campaigns, including 'Moonlight with M2P', an initiative that supports entrepreneurs, start-up founders, sportspersons, and professional artists who wish to side hustle.

Career break? No problem, we got you. Restart your innings with Better Half!


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