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Ensuring Smooth Operation of Mid-Day Meal Scheme

Dec 01, 2022

Digital Identity

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Authentication of subsidized provisions at Welfare Hostels, India.

Dec 01, 2022

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The problem statement

The Government spends a chunk of the budget on each of these students by providing amenities and supplies. However, there were doubts if the headcount stats provided by the hostel wardens were accurate and if the money spent on the ration and other provisions was being utilized judiciously.

The requisitions for food and provisions were being sent by these wardens to the Government based on the total number of attendance punches. However, the authenticity of the finger impressions was in ambiguity, and so was the quota of provisions demanded.

All of this indicated that the entire attendance system had been tampered with and that large orders had led to hoarding and subsequent unethical practices by the staff to make money.

Client name and details

Welfare Hostels for the aid of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and Backward Classes.


In order to cut costs for the welfare hostels and address challenges, a creative strategy was employed that involved implementing an Aadhaar-based attendance system for students.

Solution incorporated 

The procurement of food and other supplies is directly proportional to the occupancy at the welfare hostels. In order to draw reliable data, we provided students with Aadhaar-Based Attendance System that would allow us to track trends in occupancy and consumption in a periodic manner.


  • Requirement and consumption details of each hostel were made accessible digitally to the state government.
  • No third-party dependency to determine provisions for the next dispatch.
  • Trend in occupancy monitored.



Considerable amount saved for the three welfare departments


Leakages in provisions prevented


Transparency in occupancy stats achieved

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