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Ensuring Smooth Operation of Mid-Day Meal Scheme

Dec 01, 2022

Digital Identity

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Digitizing Attendance Monitoring across Polytechnic Colleges, Telangana, India

Dec 01, 2022

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The problem statement

Lack of visibility of students and teachers and rampant ghost entries were turning bane for the Telangana government due to the steep disparity between the actual number of students attending classes vs. the projected entries on paper.

Client name and details

Polytechnic Colleges, Telangana, India.


When a new student approaches a college with a rank card, he should complete the KYC form, and his details shall be verified and locked. A hall ticket number will then be generated along with the unique attendance ID. Using this attendance ID, the student shall mark attendance giving no room for human errors.

With the success of this system in practice, in July 2018, SBTET decided to follow a similar system for faculty attendance. Pay Bill report is generated with the help of the ABAS app, which manages detailed leave management and on-duty attendance.

M2P successfully incorporated an Aadhaar-based attendance system, albeit with some tumultuous eruptions triggered by student detention on account of attendance shortage.

Solution incorporated 

M2P offered a flexible Aadhaar-based solution that not only guaranteed the authenticity of data but also made fraud monitoring dynamic.


  • Complete attendance system under tracking.
  • Error-free pay bill report generation with a click of a button.
  • 98% of attendance got streamlined.



Uniformity in attendance monitoring across technical colleges in Telangana under SBTET


Linking faculty attendance with their pay roles


Students imposed to attend colleges and maintain minimum required attendance

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