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Ensuring Smooth Operation of Mid-Day Meal Scheme

Dec 01, 2022

Digital Identity

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Project- Digital Affiliation of Colleges at JNTUH, Telangana

Dec 01, 2022

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The problem statement

The traditional process of affiliation involved manual data entry and lacked any verification mechanism. Never-ending paperwork and huge human effort only made the process cumbersome. Regardless to say that the turnaround time was high as it took around 40-45 days for the entire affiliation cycle to complete.

Moreover, there were payment dues from the affiliated colleges, thanks to manual cheque writing and other modes of payments that provided enough opportunity for errors, making the fee collection process a herculean task.

Client name and details

JNTU H- Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad, is one of the biggest technical universities in the state, and technical Colleges across Telangana seek affiliation to offer technical courses under JNTU H’s guidelines.


We designed an online affiliation form that allowed colleges seeking affiliation from JNTU to fill up all the required details as per the 40 parameters laid out by the university digitally. All the stages in the process went digital, disposing of paperwork and human effort completely.

It is to be noted that the digital form was so robust that it entailed step-by-step details to be furnished and uploaded by a particular technical college, and skipping any step would simply stop the user from proceeding with the submission procedure.

Solution incorporated 

The University looked for a compendious solution that could eliminate the pain points for it and simultaneously curtail the course of turnaround time for the entire arduous affiliation process.

What we offered to the University was not just a paperless, automatic digital affiliation process but also a digital payment gateway integrated for the automatic calculation of fees.


  • From a fat booklet comprising details required to apply for affiliation to a simple pdf file, the affiliation process changed drastically.
  • The main point of the payment went digital.
  • Automatic calculation of affiliation fee.
  • From 40-45 days to a couple of days, the affiliation process became brisk.



The complete paperless affiliation process gave a new lease of life to the choked fee collection model at the University.


The exact no of students and no of courses offered at each College got transparent.


Over two crores of the pending fee were collected after the installation of digital affiliation.

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