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Ensuring Smooth Operation of Mid-Day Meal Scheme

Dec 01, 2022

Digital Identity

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Facilitating the Mid-Day Meal scheme to run smoothly by providing Aadhaar-based attendance to avoid Ghost entries and Eliminating leakages.

Dec 01, 2022

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The problem statement

The successful implementation of the mid-day meal program is vital, and the number of students being fed every day at these schools was mentioned in school reports that were manually laid out. However, there was no reliable mode of verification to confirm the data. This was a cause for worry.

Client name and details

Government schools in Telangana, India


The idea of recording Aadhaar-based attendance of students was not inclined towards keeping an eye on children coming to school but to stake out the actual number of children eating the meals regularly to determine the stock for provisions to be released for the next day as both were performed in synchronous order.

It was the need of the hour to ensure no wastage of food and provisions and simultaneously ensure fresh, nutritious meals reached every school student.

Solution incorporated

All the students at these government schools were asked to mark their Aadhaar-based attendance before they sat down to enjoy their mid-day meal.


  • Telangana is reaping the benefits of e-governance in the best way through this system: From the comfort of an office room, the concerned government officials can track and monitor the proper implementation of the mid-day meal project across government schools in the state.
  • The state has witnessed the successful completion of the first phase of ABAS in around 9000 government schools spread across 12 districts.



Around 35 lakh students studying in government schools benefit from nutritious mid-day meals through our robust attendance system.

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